Review: London Blockchain Conference 2016

After interviewing Luis Carranza last week in advance of the London Blockchain Conference, he offered me a press pass for the day, which I was more than happy to accept, having never previously attended a blockchain event.


Kicking off with Blockchain 101 by Adi Ben-Ari, Founder, Applied Blockchain, the packed schedule saw a host of panels take on topics such as public vs private blockchains, regulation and compliance, identity and security, smart contracts and much more in between.

The speaker list was varied and comprehensive, with representatives from Ripple, Ethereum, Barclays, IBM, UBS, t0 and Epiphyte to name but a few, taking to the stage throughout the day to get involved in the debates and discussions.

A personal highlight of the morning session was the ‘Enterprise Architecture Panel: Interbank Ledgers and Smart Contracts’, with Anthony Culligan, CEO, SETL in particular offering up some insightful thoughts.

The conference also gave some start-ups the opportunity to pitch their new businesses to the audience, with Tallysticks, CyGuard and Tradle giving an overview of their offering to the packed room – many of whom came from the financial services industry.


Fittingly, the day closed with ‘The Future of Blockchain’ debate. When asked where blockchain technology would be in 10 years time, the panel seemed to reach a consensus that no-one would really be talking about blockchain…suggesting that by then it simply would have become the norm and its widespread use wouldn’t warrant special attention.

Overall, it was an insightful, informative and rewarding day and I look forward to seeing where the  debate heads over the next 12 months.


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